The First Televised Murder ► Throwback Thursday

I found this newspaper in Pops’ stuff when I was sorting I was just 11 years old in 1963 and already numb from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It was the time in my life I was just becoming politically aware. Kennedy was a young, vibrant president who replaced Ike Eisenhower, who seemedRead More

Dr. John ► Monday Musical Appreciation

Please read the story My Days With John Sinclair, in which Dr. John makes a surprise guest appearance Blowing out 76 candles on his cake today is Malcolm John “Mac” Rebennack, better know to the world as Dr. John. Dr. John became known to music lovers with the release of his first LP Gris-Gris inRead More

The Hollywood Blacklist ► Throwback Thursday

According to the Wiki: On this day in 1947 The Screen Actors Guild implements an anti-Communist loyalty oath.  With the election of racist, xenophobic, and mysoginyst Donald J. Trump, it’s more important than ever to use this as a learning experience, unless we want to repeat it. The Loyalty Oath came during the Communist WitchRead More

Making Friends Wherever I Go ► Unpacking the Writer

I proudly wear this t-shirt First the big news: The NEW and IMPROVED Not Now Silly Newsroom will open to the general public on January 1, 2017. Check out the teaser. Yes, folks, we’re going the dot com route. Excitement and trepidation fills the newsroom as we finally get our own domain name. As longtimeRead More

Reply From the Miami Public Records Office and My Response

I have received a reply to Yet Another Open Email to Miami’s Public Records Department of  yesterday. Here it is followed by my latest: Good morning Mr. Westerfield, The Public Records Division is in the process of reviewing the emails so that we may produce it to you. Throughout the process 148 PST file foldersRead More

Kevin Ayers ► Monday Musical Appreciation

I’m going to use today’s Super Moon to introduce you to one of my favourite artists: Kevin Ayers. Ayers got his start at fame with Psychedelic Jazz Rock outfit Soft Machine, which also produced Robert Wyatt (another fave) Daevid Allen, and Mike Ratledge, among others. However, Ayers was the first one out of this bandRead More

UPDATED: Coconut Grove Grapevine, Stop the Lies!

The back of Tom Falco’s head taken at the Grove 2030 charrette I covered in Intense Intents in Tents. Oddly enough, that post mentioned the Terra Group, the latest rapaciousdeveloper to try to buy up and gentrify Grand Avenue. However, Tom Falco is only concerned with gentrification in White neighbourhoods. Stories on West Grove areRead More

Intense Intents in Tents ► Unpacking Grand Avenue

CLICK HERE for a full gallery of Housing for All protest pics Two gatherings in Coconut Grove on Saturday morning were as different as Black and White.  On Grand Avenue Thaddeus Scott and William Wallace were waking up in tents. This to protest a lack of affordable housing and the deplorable living conditions in WestRead More

Henry Morgan Stanley ► Throwback Thursday

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” was first spoken on this day in 1871 and repeated millions of times in the last 145 years. Henry Morgan Stanley, born John Rowlands, spoke those words to David Livingstone, who was thought to be lost in Africa while searching for the source of the Nile River during the great WhiteRead More