Two of the Greatest Go Out Together ► Throwback Thursday

►►► R.I.P. ◄◄◄ Debbie Reynolds And, for the politically incorrect: Carrie Fisher And, on this sad Throwback Thursday, to all the others we lost in 2016: Pat Harrington Jr., David Bowie, René Angélil, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty, Glenn Frey, Abe Vigoda, Paul Kantner, Maurice White, Vanity, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Harper Lee, Umberto Eco, Sonny James, GeorgeRead More

Subversive Cartoons ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Not every cartoon is safe for Saturday morning kiddie shows.  Here’s a terrific documentary called Cartoons Kick Ass; A History of Subversive Animation. Ironically this doc is NSFW. It’s followed by one of my favourite subversive cartoons. Sadly Part 3 seems unembedable, but you can WATCH IT HERE. If you’ve liked anything you’ve read atRead More

Musical Premieres ► Throwback Thursday

Painting by Joseph Karl Stieler On this day in 1808 Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his most well-known composition. The first 8 notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony are immediately recognizable.  Not only did he premiere– and conduct — the Fifth, but this concert at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna goes down in history asRead More

Richard Wayne Penniman ► Monday Musical Appreciation

On this day in 1932, Richard Wayne Penniman was born, 2 years before Pat Boone.We know Penniman by his stage name, Little Richard. Not Now Silly could — like usual — give you the kind of capsule biography found here, or here, or here. But, in the NNS Newsroom we’d rather Rock and Roll byRead More

We All Compute ► Throwback Thursday

As I downsize the condo, I have discovered some amazing buried treasures, like my old business card. It was tucked into my mother’s address book on the end table in the Florida Room, which I left as a small, bizarre memorial to her after she died 11 years ago. That’s when I moved to FloridaRead More

Donald Trump’s Annotated Thanksgiving Message

Where are his tiny hands? President-elect, and Twitterer In Chief, Donald J. Trump has released a Thanksgiving message that needs answering. That’s why I’m here. He hasn’t held a press conference yet, but this is his 2nd video release, in an attempt to go over the heads of the media and lie directly to theRead More