Subversive Cartoons ► Saturday Morning Cartoons

Not every cartoon is safe for Saturday morning kiddie shows.  Here’s a terrific documentary called Cartoons Kick Ass; A History of Subversive Animation. Ironically this doc is NSFW. It’s followed by one of my favourite subversive cartoons. Sadly Part 3 seems unembedable, but you can WATCH IT HERE. If you’ve liked anything you’ve read atRead More

Musical Premieres ► Throwback Thursday

Painting by Joseph Karl Stieler On this day in 1808 Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his most well-known composition. The first 8 notes of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony are immediately recognizable.  Not only did he premiere– and conduct — the Fifth, but this concert at the Theater an der Wien in Vienna goes down in history asRead More

The Fox “News” Phony War on Christmas

Every year at this time Fox “News” ramps up one of its perpetual outrage machines.  Yes, folks, it’s that most wonderful time of the year when God’s Chosen Network launches the Phony War on Christmas because chastising heathens who prefer HAPPY HOLIDAYS is the reason for the season. On a related note — because FoxRead More